Thursday October 19, 2017


Versatile cryogenic freezing system featuring continuous current liquid nitrogen immersion


Continuous Current: A new concept in cryogenic freezing




Instead of using a belt for transporting products through the liquid nitrogen bath, a current is generated, using a continuous flow of liquid nitrogen to convey the product through the freezing process. Click the screen below to view an animated demonstration of the ALIGAL™ CC.

Benefits of using ALIGAL™ CC for your cryogenic freezing


Freezes and crusts a wide variety of products without generating build-up on conveyor belts

Freezes cooked products and maximizes product quality and yield

Freezes sauce coating onto a variety of IQF products without generating 

sauce build-up on conveyor belts

Designed by Air Liquide to meet FDA and USDA sanitation standards and requirements

Simplifies installation requiring only a single blower exhaust system

Easy to sanitize and maintain


The hydraulically powered lift system raises the freezer top, exit conveyor, and impellor system, giving 360-degree access for sanitation and maintenance.

Versatile and simple


The ALIGAL™ CC can be used as a stand-alone cryogenic freezing system in conjunction with a post-cool tunnel or spiral freezer for high volume production.


Our experts will provide start-up support and training for your personnel on safety, operations, maintenance and sanitation. As your plant processing needs evolve, Air Liquide will be there to provide ongoing service and technical support.




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