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Freezer Belt Options:
Many belt options are available for loading our standard tunnel freezers.  This allows for a vast range of products and integration to other machinery.


Straight Belt
When product moves into the freezer from the loading area it travels through and it is rapidly frozen. Cryogen is spray directly on to the product and cooling fans move the extremely cold vapors over the product increasing the cooling. The amount of cryogen and speed of the conveyor belt are adjustable variables that allow the product to reach the desired temperature. Directly before and after the cooling area is an exhaust collection chambers. These chambers collect the off gas and spent cryogenic vapors. These chambers are essential to keep these vapors from leaving the freezer. These vapors are collected and exhausted safely outside. The vapors are not harmful they are in the air we breathe every day. However, if not collected and exhaust they can deplete the surrounding area of oxygen. An oxygen monitor mounted near the freezer will insure that workers are safe. 

Flighted Belt
A flighted freezing tunnel is very similar to a straight tunnel. The belt design is not flighted as seen in other conveyor belts that allow product to be conveyed up a steep incline. The belt is inclined very little allowing the product to gently drop to a lower conveyor. This gentle drop breaks apart clumps and flips product over allowing even and quicker freezing. A flighted freezer belt speed can be varied allowing product to be stacked after the outside is crusted. This increase production and long dwell for full freezing.

Immersion Belt
An immersion freezer is unique because it only uses liquid nitrogen (LN2). The LN2 fills a long shallow pan inside the freezer. The belt conveys product into the pan LN2 where it is immersed in LN2. The belt runs through the pan and back out allow the product to take a controlled dip in the LN2. The belt returns below the pan back to the entrance.

Multiple Pass Belt
A multiple pass freezer is simply a straight freezer with several levels. Each level drops product onto the next lower conveyor. Product travels down and back inside the same tunnel making multiple passes. Multiple pass freezers give you increase dwell time in a smaller foot print. A 20 foot multiple pass freezer with 3 passes will give you almost as much freeze time as a 60 foot straight tunnel.