Thursday October 19, 2017

At Freezing Systems & Service Inc. we are also experienced with a long list of other cryogenic equipment.  If it uses CO2 or LN2 we have the engineers and staff to help you design new or able to retro fix any application.  For example, whether you need to control the pH of waste water or cool down dough in your mixer, we have equipment that will meet most of your cryogenic needs.

Inline Dry cooling injection


Is your flour, sugar or dry ingredients temperature just too HOT?  You are not the only one with this problem.  Many large bakery's store their dry ingredients in large bins indoors or outdoors.  It can be very difficult to control the temperature of these ingredients when introduce into the mix.  This can be troublesome especially during the summer months.  Any good baker knows that even minor changes effects the quality of each batch.  Constant mixes are key to a quality product.  Freezing Systems  inline dry cooling injection solution can cool your ingredients to the perfect temperature before entering your mix.  Our inline chilling/cooling solution can use CO2 or LN2 depending our your availability of gas and cost.

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Bottom mixer injection


Many bakery's biggest struggle is temperature control and not just in the baking process.  It all starts with the mix.  Freezing Systems bottom mixer injection is just one solution to this problem.  Mixing temperatures are critical to a good batch.  Many things can affect the temperature of a mix.  Flour or dry ingredients stored in large hoppers or bends can get very hot due to seasonal temperate change.  For cooling dry ingredients before mixing see our inline dry ingredient injection.  Bottom injection is a well proven mixer or blender chilling process. 

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Auger Cooling

Are you conveying your product with an auger?  Why not cool it down at the same time?  We can retro fit your old auger at our facility or yours.  Our quick tool less sanitary design injection is a snap to clean and reassembly.  Our unique nozzle inserts keeps your product from sticking and plugging the orifice.  Our design eliminates those impossible to clean holes that trap unwanted bacteria.  


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Vacuum Jacketed Piping Systems (VJP)

Vacuum jacketed pipe, also referred to as vacuum insulated pipe, is constructed of an inner and outer pipe. The inner pipe, which carries the cryogenic liquid, is wrapped with multiple layers of super-insulation consisting of alternating layers of a radiant heat barrier material and a non-conductive spacer material. The air in the space between the two lines is pumped out, creating a static vacuum shield. The vacuum space contains getter materials to collect out-gassed molecules to further improve the vacuum. 

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pH Control Systems

Carbon Dioxide is an environmentally safe technology for pH control of alkaline water.  We can install one of our standard models or design a custom system to meet the needs of your plant conditions.  Whether it is just a simple repair, replacement of old hazardous equipment, or a new system you are looking for...   You have found the right place for high-tech pH control.


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