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Is your flour, sugar or dry ingredients temperature just too HOT?  You are not the only one with this problem.  Many large bakery's store their dry ingredients in large bins indoors or outdoors.  It can be very difficult to control the temperature of these ingredients when introduce into the mix. This can be troublesome especially during the summer months.  Any good baker knows that even minor changes effects the quality of each batch.  Constant mixes are key to a quality product.  Freezing Systems  inline dry cooling injection solution can cool your ingredients to the perfect temperature before entering your mix.  Our inline chilling/cooling solution can use CO2 or LN2 depending our your availability of gas and cost.

Freezing Systems pneumatic inline cryogenic cooling solution’s can be quickly added to all most any pneumatic conveying system.  As your dry ingredients are pneumatically conveyed thru your lines CO2 or LN2 is safely and precisely added to control temperatures.  Temperature probes before and after the injection system and the PLC monitors and makes changes to achieve the desired temperature of your product.  With a simple site survey of your plants application we can provide you with an accurate chilling solution to meet your specific needs.

We are a one stop shop that can turnkey your entire freezing or chilling system using CO2 or LN2.  Or we can simply provide you with all the parts as a kit.  Your choice to meet your budget. Our control systems that usually are a part of the injection system are Nema 4X stainless steel.  We can supply and support Allen Bradley PLC’s and HMI’s or we offer lower cost lines of both Allen Bradley or Automation Direct to help meet your budget.  Or if you have a another preference we can certainly build to suit.  Give us a call and will be happy to discuss. Key Points of our system:

Best Warranty In the Industry 2 years 100% parts replacement program.

Smooth trouble free operation for many years.  We have systems in operation for 10 plus years with no repairs needed yet.

Best pricing across the industry.  We don’t have any contracts or obligations to make you sign.   

Easy and fast installation.

Truly easy to maintain and if service is needed any repair that could possibly go wrong would take no more than 10 min to replace.  You can imagine the value in that.

Retrofit to existing systems that may before had support and no longer available.

Quick fast shipping all cryogenic parts.  Most critical spare parts in stock.